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medilegalSpinal Healthcare manage clients with a wide variety of painful spinal conditions, often where pain is a barrier to rehabilitation and return to work.

Conditions include spinal musculoskeletal pain, including lower back pain and whiplash injuries as well as Neuropathic spinal pain including Radicular pain and Sciatica.

Multimodal approach to Pain Management.
Clients with spinal pain are best treated using a multimodal approach, utilising a range of medications, minimally invasive pain management techniques, clinical psychology and pain management programmes, where appropriate.

Pain Free Window allowing Rehabilitation.
These techniques offer a pain free window for clients, allowing them to become active and engage fully in their physiotherapy based rehabilitation.

Advanced Techniques.
Spinal Healthcare have access to advanced pain management procedures including spinal cord stimulators and implantable intrathecal pumps for patients with severe refractory pain.

Spinal Healthcare have extensive experience in working with solicitors and case managers to provide

  • Medicolegal report writing
  • Medicolegal and clinical assessments
  • Treatment planning and packages, incorporating return to work

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