Spinal Health Care Introduces the London Cannabis Clinic

Spinal Health Care is pleased to confirm that the London Cannabis Clinic is accepting patients. The London Pain Clinic is staffed by a team of doctors who are specialists in pain management and can provide medicinal cannabis-based solutions to a wide variety of issues experienced by patients.

Located on the iconic Harley Street in London, an address that occupies an iconic place in Britain’s medical history, the clinic’s team has helped hundreds of patients address pain problems of various types. The pain specialists at the clinic work under the concept that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to pain management and that every patient is different.

Dr Attam Singh, MB BS, FRCA, FFPMRCA heads our team of pain specialists. Dr Singh is a clinical associate at the London Pain Clinic who has received multiple awards for his work in pain management, including the 2013 Clinical Excellence Award for Showing Care and Compassion in Clinical Practice. He also has a Fellowship at the University of Michigan.

Specialising in neuropathic and musculoskeletal pain conditions, Dr Singh takes a holistic approach when treating his patients. He uses interventional treatments where necessary, and has used targeted ultrasound treatment to improve patient outcomes. He has been recognised for his innovative work around hip fractures with the renowned West Hertfordshire NHS Trust Hip Fracture Unit. Prior to becoming a specialist in pain medicine, Dr Singh worked as an anesthesiologist at several UK and USA hospitals.

The existence of the London Cannabis Clinic demonstrates that there has been a step-change in the 21st century in how medical cannabis is perceived. The medical benefits of using cannabis-based medicine are becoming clearer with every passing year.

Cannabis became legal for prescription in 2018, after a legal case involving two young boys, Alfie Dingley (6) and Billy Caldwell (12). Both Alfie and Billy were looking at seeking treatment abroad after cannabis improved the symptoms of their severe pain conditions. After a public outcry, the Health Secretary at the time acknowledged that the time had come to legalise medicinal cannabis, and an Act of Parliament followed later that year.

The benefits of using medicinal cannabis include, as well as relief from pain, improved quality of sleep, reduced fatigue and improved mobility. Medical cannabis contains CBD – the therapeutic chemical that produces many of the beneficial effects – and this mitigates the effects of THC. THC is the psychoactive component in street cannabis that gets recreational users ‘high’. This means that medical users do not experience any of the negative side effects of recreational use – such as hallucinations or paranoia.

The team of specialists at the London Cannabis Clinic prescribe quality tested cannabis products that comply with all current regulations. This means that all patients can relax, knowing that their treatment is underpinned by access to the best possible products.

Anyone who is experiencing problems with pain and would like to explore the kind of effective relief that cannabis-based treatment can offer can use the website at The London Cannabis Clinic to get in touch. There is a convenient contact form on the website as well as a UK telephone number.

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