Motion Exercises

Performing a set of range of motion exercises is an important part of fighting the pain associated with the neck and back. Not only can they help regain the loss of movement in the neck or back, it can eventually help control the pain. However, these exercises should never cause the pain to increase. Those that are interested in learning the best exercises that can be performed in the comfort of their own home should consult a physician or a physiotherapist before getting on with them.

If those suffering from neck or back pain are overweight, they would do very well to consider a new health regimen to help them get fit. Carrying around the extra weight can put a considerable amount of pressure on the body, particularly the spine, which can result in lower back pain. Older folks that are dealing with back or neck problems because of getting older can also benefit from staying fit and following a regular exercise programme, as making the back muscles stronger will also take some pressure off the spine and can help relieve back pain.