Beware Miracle Cures For Sciatica

One of the most amazing things about the internet is the way that it has revolutionised information and made it accessible to all, in a way that was simply impossible a few years ago. We really have reached a new age when it comes to information!

However, with the good always comes the bad! There are some aspects of the internet that perhaps do not contribute to the information superhighway! It is pointless to list these, but one aspect of the internet that is growing is the way that entrepreneurs are choosing to use it to tout their wares. Some of these wares are hugely beneficial others are merely ways in which people can be exploited and this is also true when it comes to sciatica. There is no miracle cure and there is no product out there that can suddenly relieve the pressure that is being put on the sciatic nerve by, for example, a sipped or prolapsed disc. If it could be alleviated by Grandma’s Special Snake Oil, then Grandma would be very rich and also the product would be used universally.

In essence, sciatica is the symptom that something is wrong and putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. It cannot be cured overnight.

Dangers of Exercise Books

Some books that are advertised as being the only cure for sciatica and the only thing that can help may help some patients. However, there is a real risk that buying a book on exercise that promises a complete cure etc, will not only disappoint, but it may potentially aggravate the sciatica.

Exercises can certainly help sciatica, but there is a danger that inappropriate exercises or exercising in the wrong way can result in the pressure that is being placed on the sciatic nerve being increased and this will result in more pain and it can take even longer for recovery to be achieved.

Exercises should only be advised by your consultant or a physiotherapist, because they will tailor the exercises just for you. Otherwise, you could be putting your back in danger. To use a car analogy, if you drive a Bentley and something goes wrong with it, are you going to trust a rather shady mechanic who fixes any car, motorbike, lawnmower or anything with an engine, or are you going to trust a garage that specialises in luxury cars?

Your Bentley may be expensive, but your back is infinitely more precious than a car, so only place your trust in someone who is there and can advise on person specific exercises.

No Magic Pillow/Pen/Wand!

Sometimes you may also come across adverts that promise that if you use this magic pen, pillow, device etc that your sciatica will be cured. Again, it can be very tempting to send off for anything, especially if you are in a great deal of pain. But there is little hope that these will be helpful in any meaningful way and you should not spend huge amounts of money on these magic devices or magic wands; instead you should rely on appropriate treatment and advice from suitably qualified professionals; alas there is no magic wand!


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