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Medicolegal Services From Spinal Healthcare


Spinal Healthcare is very proud of its medicolegal service and it is our expertise in terms of spinal healthcare that makes our service incredibly responsive to our patients. We care about their outcomes and we want to make sure that they receive the best possible treatment for the spinal injury or condition that they have.


The spine is an incredibly important part of the body and the level of injury that someone may experience following an accident or injury can vary greatly. 


Most people make the assumption that people who have been in an accident and have had a spinal injury will be paralysed, but this is to a large extent, not true.


People who have experienced a spinal cord injury may experience some degree of paralysis. Yet the majority of people who have experienced an injury to the spine, will not be paralysed; the damage can still be serious, but the injured person can still walk and be mobile, even though they may have significant levels of pain. Pain can be hard to live with and day to day life may be difficult, even though they are still mobile and ambulant.


Different Types Of Injury


There are various types of injury to the spine and there are various ways in which these injuries can occur. They may have been caused by a road traffic accident or by a working accident, horse riding, even sailing and so on.


But the spine plays such a vital role within the body that any injury to the spine needs the most expert advice and treatment that can be secured.


If appropriate and specialised expertise is not sought out, there is the potential for long term damage to the spine, that may not readily present itself and the damage may only appear after 20 years or so. How many of us know someone who has some kind of condition that was caused by a fall, rugby tackle or even a car accident. All seemed to be well for 15 years or so and then they began to experience problems.


Different Medicolegal Services


So it is important that any spinal injury is assessed, diagnosed and treatment specified by experts. Although no part of the body is ‘disposable’ the spine is the key to mobility and so in depth expertise is required.


That is why at Spinal Healthcare, we specialise only in the spine. We are not a generic pain service, we are not simply a medicolegal service. Instead, we are experts in our field and because we are passionate about securing the best and if appropriate, the most modern treatment techniques for our patients. This passion makes us dedicated to ensuring that we pass on our expertise, skill and knowledge to patients who need the best in terms of a medicolegal service.



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