Second Opinion Service From Spinal Healthcare

Second Opinion Service From Spinal Healthcare


Patients are often reluctant to obtain a second opinion from a medical professional. There are concerns that the consultant who gave the first opinion will be offended or that they should ‘wait’ until it is an appropriate time; but there is no magic point at which a second opinion becomes valuable. Indeed a fresh pair of eyes, ears and another professional’s view can be valuable at any stage of treatment.


Although patients may seek a second opinion at any point, there are some instances where a second opinion can be extremely useful and can facilitate a speedy and effective recovery.


Confirmation Of Diagnosis


Sometimes when patients have been diagnosed with a condition or illness, there may well be fears that the condition is more sinister or that something has been missed. These fears are not always logical and are not symptomatic of hypochondria or any psychiatric disorder, but when pain levels are difficult to manage, it can often be a frightening time for the patient. Having a second opinion service from Spinal Healthcare can ensure that patients are satisfied that there condition has been accurately diagnosed and fears will generally subside after that.


When Pain Is Refractory


When pain refuses to be treated, it can be beneficial for patients to talk to a second expert in spinal health. This does not mean that the pain has not been adequately treated or that treatment options have not been adequately explored, but it may mean that looking at the problem from a different perspective can elicit positive results, which have not been forthcoming in the treatment to date. This is the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes looking at the issue!


Cases Of Litigation


Spinal Healthcare is involved in the provision of Medicolegal services and if you are involved in litigation, whether as the result of a road traffic accident, an injury sustained at work and a diagnosis has been made, then a secondary confirmation of this process can ensure that the case can be settled as quickly as possible, simply because the initial medical diagnosis has been validated.


Sometimes in legal cases, the defendant’s medical advisors may request a second opinion simply to help establish the veracity of any claims and again, this can ensure speedy resolution of cases which are ongoing.


When Surgery Has Not Been Successful


When surgery has been carried out, but has not been successful, it can be useful to have a second opinion as to the treatment options that should be explored. After unsuccessful surgery, patients are often very disheartened and pessimistic about the future, so a second opinion can help restore optimism and hope that the condition can indeed be treated successfully.

If You Are Unhappy With Current Treatment


As obvious as it may seem, if you are unhappy with the current treatment that you are receiving with regard to a spinal problem, then a second opinion can ensure that you feel more confident about treatment or that you feel that all potential avenues for treatment have been explored.


Given that the spine plays such an important and critical role within the body and that we only ever have one spine, it vital that we treat it with care. Delaying the process of getting a second opinion can hamper treatment and could even aggravate the condition, so if you do feel that a second opinion would be useful, do not delay setting up that appointment!


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