Second Opinion Service, Spinal Healthcare: Giving You Hope

Most people think that a second opinion service is something that they only need to have if they are involved in a legal dispute, or they are dissatisfied with the diagnosis that their consultant has made. But in fact this is not the case. Many people choose to have a second opinion, often to confirm a diagnosis, or to confirm that the treatment that they are having is the best treatment, or to see if there are any other treatments available for them.

Spinal Healthcare Facilities

At Spinal Healthcare, we have a huge range of facilities that offer the most technologically advanced diagnostic tools and the most advanced treatments. This means that not only are we extremely well placed to be able to diagnosis any lower spine condition accurately, we are also able to offer cutting edge treatments, to ensure that patients elicit the best possible outcomes from any treatments.

This is not to say that any facilities within the NHS are substandard or are not available, but many NHS facilities and even private hospitals do not have direct access to the kinds of facilities and diagnostic tools that are at our disposal. We specialise in the spine and spinal healthcare, whereas many NHS and even private facilities are general facilities and so do not have the specialist tools within easy reach. That is why certain procedures have to be done at other facilities, which may (or may not) be in close proximity. At Spinal Healthcare we offer all the facilities and expertise that you need to ensure that you receive the correct diagnosis, the latest expert treatments and a holistic approach to your lower back problem.

That is why the second opinion service offered by Spinal Healthcare is regarded by so many of our patients as being invaluable.

Spinal Healthcare Approach

Our approach is not about making promises that we cannot deliver. Instead we want to work with patients to ensure that their pain is alleviated with an ultimate goal of eradicating pain completely and to achieve this, we have both the facilities and the expertise. But we also have a real team approach, with dedicated healthcare professionals from different disciplines, all working together to ensure that your pain can be managed and alleviated.

So securing a second opinion from Spinal Healthcare makes sense, simply because we have the expertise that you may need if you have a condition that is stubbornly refusing to respond to conventional treatments and you are still suffering a high level of pain.

So much of our movement and mobility is connected with the spine, that it is definitely worth having a second opinion if you find that pain is not responding to treatment. Although we may confirm the existing diagnosis, we may be able to suggest other treatment options. If we offer a different diagnosis, then we will be sure to suggest the best possible treatment for your condition.

We may not be able to promise miracles, but we can give you hope that we can ensure that your condition is improved!

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