Spinal Healthcare: Second Opinion Service For Lower Back Pain

Spinal Healthcare: Second Opinion Service For Lower Back Pain


Lower back pain is notoriously hard to treat, since the back and spine is a very complex area and there are many conditions that are not immediately apparent.

This is not to say that those who are treating a patient are not competent, it is simply the case that there are so many conditions that it can be difficult to determine the root cause of pain within the lower back.


How Spinal Healthcare Can Help


At Spinal Healthcare, we are very proud to be able to offer a second opinion service. Although some patients may feel anxious about seeking a second opinion, in case their pain consultant feels undermined or threatened by this, they should not be worried, since this is not the case.


All pain consultants have only one goal and that is to eradicate the cause of pain. To eradicate pain, the root cause has to be determined and then the appropriate treatment administered.


So if you are suffering with lower back pain which is proving difficult to diagnose and is stubbornly resisting to respond to all treatments that have been tried, then the pain consultant or specialist who is treating you will be only too happy to have someone else trying to determine and then treat the cause of pain. Or it may be that you are simply seeking to have a diagnosis confirmed, but in either case, Spinal Healthcare can help.


A Holistic Approach


At Spinal Healthcare we feel that it is important to build up a picture of the patient as a whole, so we do not look at the ‘pain problem’ in isolation, but we look at the patient and their particular needs.


To build up a picture of the patient and their lifestyle can take time, but sometimes, it is the little details of life, the pain, how the pain affects them and so on that can help to elicit details that can assist in making a diagnosis. In addition we are able to build up a rapport and trusting relationship with clients, that is not always possible within the constraints of the NHS.


Specialist Techniques


Due to the fact that we are very expert in the field of spinal pain and conditions, we may have direct experience of conditions that are rarely seen, thus we are in an excellent position to be able to diagnose and treat conditions that are far from common.


We are also able to offer patients several types of treatments, many of which can only be administered by expert pain consultants. We are able to administer the latest pulsed radiofrequency treatments, PENS and TENS applications (these work through providing electrical stimulus to nerves) and various other treatments that may not be routinely available in other parts of the country.


We also have access to diagnostic tools and devices that are almost unparalleled within the UK, meaning that a diagnosis can be expertly reached within a very short time.


So if you are suffering with lower back pain or you want a diagnosis confirmed then at Spinal Healthcare, our experts can help and ensure that you return to a pain free life as soon as possible.

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