The Ethos and Philosophy Behind Spinal Healthcare’s Medicolegal Services

Spinal Healthcare’s Medicolegal Services: The Ethos and Philosophy

Spinal Healthcare are committed to ensuring wherever possible, that clients are able to return to work and that they are able to live their lives in a pain free manner, or where that is not possible, that pain is effectively managed.

Spinal Healthcare is aware that returning clients to their ‘previous’ lives, where they are able to work, enjoy family life and participate in Society, has great therapeutic benefits.

Returning to work can help clients feel as if they are once again contributing to Society and eradicates any feelings that they are simply a drain on resources. Since back problems and associated spine conditions are often invisible and therefore generally misunderstood by the wider population, people often make assumptions about people experiencing significant spinal pain. Ensuring that clients can return to work, even if on a phased return to work basis, helps clients both physically, through managing their pain and psychologically, through the therapeutic benefits of contributing to Society again.

Hidden Costs of Spinal Injury/Conditions

Many people with a spinal injury or condition find that not only is their life simply blighted by pain, but they may also feel down, depressed or lose self-esteem, particularly if they are the primary source of income for their household. Once these feelings take hold it is much harder for people to adopt a positive approach to pain and managing pain, so their condition is effectively hampered by their psychological condition.

How Can Spinal Healthcare Help?

Spinal Healthcare is the leader in the field of spinal health and expert in all aspects of spinal injuries/conditions.

In addition, Spinal Healthcare is equipped with the latest and best technological advances to maximise pain management and therefore significantly reduce pain levels.

Spinal Healthcare is also able to offer the latest pain management techniques and procedures to ensure effective and long lasting pain reduction. Combined, the technological advances and the techniques/procedures offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to pain management.

Use of Non-Invasive Procedures

Spinal Healthcare is firmly committed to using non invasive procedures, or procedures that are minimally invasive, wherever possible, therefore maximising pain management whilst minimising the recovery time (or risk of contra-indications/complications) that can arise from more invasive techniques.

A Team Approach

As a responsible, committed organisation, Spinal Healthcare has a strong ‘team approach’ when it comes to managing clients’ pain and this ethos is continued as Spinal Healthcare works with other organisations, solicitors, or case managers, as part of the team.

This teamwork approach creates a philosophy of the client being pivotal in all aspects of care, with the shared goal of making sure that the client can return to having a good quality of life that is not blighted by pain.

Clients can therefore see a substantial reduction in pain and return to work at their earliest opportunity, with Spinal Healthcare able to provide comprehensive guidance as to how clients should be able to manage within their work environment.

Clinical Assessments

Spinal Healthcare are able to offer expert clinical assessments, again as part of the team managing the client’s pain, looking at the client not in isolation, but as someone who works, has a life outside of the clinic and who functions within Society.

 This holistic and therapeutic approach to spinal injuries/conditions sets Spinal Healthcare apart from many other organisations, which do not have such a laudable ethos or philosophy.

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