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The premise of our organisation is to provide you with affordable MRI. Reported scans are available daily from £250 for one region (£375 for two regions, £500 for three regions), which helps to make diagnostics and treatment an affordable choice for you. Off peak scans are available every day, including weekends. Please contact the centre for further information regarding times and availability. 

Accessible MRI 

Our centre is conveniently located opposite exit 2 at Waterloo Station, London and is open 13 hours per day from 7 am – 8 pm inclusive per week to offer you a choice of appointments, including same day. 

Assured MRI 

By using the latest Toshiba EXEL ART Vantage XGV high 1.5T scanner (1st in the UK) and having all scans reported within 24 hours by NHS affiliated Consultant Radiologists with relevant sub-specialty experience. Your report will be sent directly to your referring clinician within 24 hours of your scan taking place. We also provide you with a CD with a copy of your images for you to retain. 

On the day, you will be registered at Reception and one of our Radiographers will complete a final safety check. After changing, you will be escorted by the Radiographer to the MRI scan room, where you will be made comfortable on the MRI couch. A special receiver coil will be placed around the part of your body being examined and you will be positioned within the magnets. At all times, you will be able to communicate with the Radiographer who is undertaking your scan. During your scan you will hear a series of noises. However, headphones with music will be available for your comfort. The scan itself should not affect you in any way and the scanning time is usually 20-30 minutes. The whole Vista experience should take approximately one hour from start to finish. After your scan, you will be given a CD of your images. 

After your Scan Most scans will be reported by Vista’s reporting Radiologists within 24 hours of the scan. However, at weekends, this may take 48 hours. The report will be issued directly to your referring clinician and you will be notified as soon as soon as this has been done so that you can arrange to discuss the report with them. 

Patient Safety Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses a large powerful magnet and radiofrequency waves to generate 3D images by computer. The MRI machine does not use any form of x rays and is considered to be completely safe for most people. However, people with certain medical devices and/or metal objects in an on the body which may be affected by strong magnets or radio waves, must never have an MRI examination, regardless of the region to be scanned. You must not have an MRI scan if you have any of the following:

  • A cardiac (heart) pacemaker
  • Certain clips in your head from brain operations, i.e. aneurysm clips
  • A cochlear (ear) implant
  • A metallic foreign body in your eye
  • A programmable shunt for hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain)

Other items can cause damage to or be damaged by the MRI scanner. Therefore, you must not take items such as mobile phones, hearing aids, watches, belts, jewellery, electronic pagers, credit cards, metallic or other electronic objects into the scanner room. These items will be kept safely for you whilst your scan is being performed, although you may prefer not to bring these to your appointment.

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