Who Might Benefit From Pulsed Radiofrequency As A Nerve Root Treatment

Many people who are experiencing chronic pain have tried various treatments and options, but find that they are unable to elicit any relief.


However, there are some particular benefits from using the technique of pulsed radiofrequency to provide a nerve root block.


Pulsed radiofrequency is a very good option for anyone who is experiencing chronic pain that originates within a nerve or nerves and they find that the traditional or conservative means of treatment are simply not working.


With pulsed radiofrequency radiofrequency is applied in very short bursts and although some heat is applied, there is no long-term damage done to the nerve. When using the traditional radiofrequency treatments, the nerve endings are damaged, which makes this a less invasive procedure and it is not as popular with patients.


Quick Application and Speedy Results


For patients who are desperate to get a dramatic reduction in pain and who want to get back to work and normal life as quickly as possible, pulsed radiofrequency secures results in terms of pain reduction, much more quickly than using standard radiofrequency methods.


It also provides more instant relief from pain than other forms of nerve root blocks that use local anaesthetic and steroids. With the pulsed radiofrequency the results are much quicker.


A Long Lasting Procedure


Again, anyone who is desperate to gain long term relief from pain (and who wouldn’t be) will find that the pain relief obtained is much longer lasting than with other forms of a nerve root block. The nerves are effectively fooled into thinking that they are not feeling ain, so they simply stop sending the pain signals to the brain and they do not change in terms of thinking this way, so the pain relief is permanent to a large degree.


Treatment Without Medication


Although the medical profession is highly dependent on the use of medication to treat or cure medical conditions, it has to be acknowledged that many patients do not like to take strong medication and they are very keen to try any procedure that does not involve drugs.


Pulsed radiofrequency offers this type of treatment. Other types of nerve blocks, such as using steroids and local anaesthetic are still reliant on medication, but this is completely drug free and as such should be viewed as preferable to people who are resistant to or experience side effects from medication.


Pulsed Radiofrequency May Not Be The End Of The Story!


Although there is a tendency to think that once pulsed radiofrequency has ‘cured’ the problem, there is no need to worry any more, it is actually important to think about either physiotherapy or learning about how the condition developed in the first place, simply to ensure that it does not re-occur in the future. Thus pulsed radiofrequency should be regarded as the first step towards a pain free life, but it is also wise to ensure that the reoccurrence of the condition is made very unlikely.

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